Henrik, as I was Praying for you today, I heard you say the words of Isaiah in Isaiah 6:8,9
“Here am I! Send me” and the Lord heard you Cry and yes he is sending you to the Nations, and you shall come and go many times and to many nations, for the Lord is given you the nations.
And you shall encourage many and you shall prophesy over many in foriegn lands, and they will see you as an Apostle and a Messenger bringing the word of the Lord.
And you shall bring refresing and renewal to the Thirsty people, yes the river shall flow and Joy will come, and you shall be known as one the Brings the “River of Refreshing”

And others shall join you in the future and you shall bring small teams with you, each one with their own giftings and callings, to meet the different needs that are there in those Lands, and Asia and Africa shall open to, yes doors of many nations. And some of your children shall go with you from time to time.


Happy Birthday Henrik, December 10th, i know it will be a good one.
Heavenly Father, Bless your son Henrik, that Dreams will come true for him in His Vision for Denmark.
Bless also His family and The Ministry that you have given him.
Give Henrik special times of meeting with you in the secret place of the Most High. make Him a Man that is In-Step and In-Time with you.

Henrik, as I was Praying for you today, the Lord took me to Jonah 3: 1 and said that was for you.
“Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time saying"
And the Word of the Lord has come to you Henrik, a Second Time, even as it came to Jonah, and even as it came to Moses in the wilderness, for he was hiding away because of a sense of failure.
But this is your time Henrik, and the Anointing is over your life once again to live out your God-given Destiny.
You are on the Come-Back Trail and the Lord is Preparing hearts and preparing a place and preparing the way.

As you Bow Low, the Lord will raise you High, there are some Hurdles and Test awaiting you in the year ahead.
But the Lord is Faithful, and you can trust Him to get you through with Victory.

2016 is a year of networking and building relationships and making new Friends, joining with those of Like Vision and Heart. This is a Time of Attending conferences and meetings, for the Lord would have you to be more connected with those of like heart and vision. God has an Army and you are a Part of the Army, a Leader in the Army in your part of Denmark.
Doors will also open for you in Germany and other Nearby Countries as you are faithful to connect with the People and ministries in Denmark.

Spread the Fire, Spread the Fire, take the Time to Be filled and then spread the fire. You are like a Voice Crying in the Wilderness to Prepare the Way of the Lord, i declare over you Isaiah 40:1-5 these verses will be a big part of your Message, and the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed.

I declare over you Henrik, that God will not only restore to you what was lost but he will take you beyond what you were walking in. Reach out in love and expectancy for I hear the sound of the Army of the Lord.
You are called to be a “Recruiter” and you will see that the Lord will add to His Army.

Mucho Agape, Thank you Henrik for your prayers and support of me and Glory Rain. Happy Birthday!


I, the Lord sends you (Henrik) to the nations with the message of Me to My people.
They crave and yearn for more of Me, after knowing Me and to serve Me. There's Me, they long for, and you do not just bring anointing, but you come with Me and My heart for them.
They will find that when you preach, My Spirit will move in their midst with winds of renewal, freedom, my love and revelation. The Holy Spirit will even take them at higher levels after My will for each of them. It is not people who have honor, but Me only. Miracles, signs and wonders will follow.
You bring revival to my people.


"My son, My grace is in your life and My Light shines brighter than ever before. You will be surprised to see what I have prepared and prepared for you in the future. Things will happen in an emergency. The things you wear on, should be in an emergency.
My will is; People who before stood in the way, will come to you. First one by one and since more at a time, to support and bless you, my son.
Full of grace is I your father for you. You already shining with My Light more than you think and know.
My glory breaks through in all areas of your life and ministry. Summer is here, so do not go by what the eyes see. Do not be deceived by the enemy's wiles. They have lost and are defeated in advance and sentenced by My Son's blood on Calvary's Cross, as you know. My grace shine brighter now in your life.
My time for the things you see, my son, and your salary will be great with Me here on Earth, and into all eternity. "


God has also been giving me a series of dreams of me visiting nations in the past month. He told me it is in those nations where He is about to pour out His Spirit in a fresh new way. Those nations I dreamt of are listed in this here: the Lord says, "I am pouring out My Spirit mightily upon Pakistan, and Pakistan will burn so bright to many nations in the reaches of China and the Middle East!


Happy Birthday Henrik, December 10th, i know it will be a special year for you.

Heavenly Father, bless your son Henrik, and yes cause his dreams to come true, for yes He delights himself in you Lord.

Bless Henrik, Yes Bless his family, and fill his home with the atmosphere of your Glory and Shalom.

Bless Henrik also with good health and strength in his body and mind, Yes that His strength would be renewed daily as he waits upon you in prayer and praise.

Henrik, as I was praying for you today, the Spirit of the Lord said that, “You have been in a Time of Restoration"

and the Lord has been Restoring back to you all that was Lost and Stolen. And yes the Lord shall Use you mightily to bring Restoration to those who lost their way and are wandering aimlessly.

In Isaiah 42:22 it says, “None saith Restore” But the Lord has called you to be that would cry out for restoration and declare restoration over the lives of those who have Been Lost and wounded and Hidden.

Yes Isaiah 58:12 Is also for you, It is a Mandate from God over your life, Yes that you would be like a Present day John the Baptist to Prepare the Way of the Lord, and yes to prepare hearts, and restore what was Lost.

“And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places;

thou shall raise up the foundations of many generations,

And thou shall be called , the Repairer of the Breach,
The Restorer of paths to dwell in"
Henrik, what the lord has been doing in your life over the past three years in the area of restoration, He is now Desiring to do through your life, to Bring Restoration.

Henrik, the timing of this also Amazing, as in 2019 the Spirit will be working mightily as the Spirit of Elijah, Like John the Baptist who came first to Prepare a People, to see them Restored and Prepared for Greater Glory!

Happy Birthday My friend

Del siden