Jacob 2.15-17 If a brother or sister in the faith is poorly dressed and hungry and you let them go with the orders: "Goodbye, I hope you stay warm and get plenty to eat," but you do not give them a coat or even a cup of soup, what is your faith? Then faith that does not involve action is false.
The shutdown due to Corona has led to major changes for the Christians in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Christians in those countries are already the lowest, poorest, and persecuted, so when sent home without any safety net without any support and pay, hunger becomes a greater threat than an invisible virus. Watching your child go to bed hungry must be horrible and when it is goes on for more than 2 months it becomes unbearable.
Otherwise, in Pakistan, the new president gave PKR 13,000 to each family, but when the Christians showed up to receive the money, they were told that the money was ready for payment once they had converted to Islam. So if we, as their brothers and sisters, do not help, it can have terrible consequences.
Love of God Ministry has launched CORONA HUNGER campaign on the internet and we have sent help to the 4 countries mentioned, thousands of meals have been distributed and our brothers and sisters have been given food and hope. There are still millions of brothers and sisters out there who need our help.
LOVE OF GOD MINISTRY has local friends who receive our support, someone then cook and pack them in portion boxes and bring them out to the poor areas. Others cook and invite the neighboring children over for food. Others bring food out to families so they can cook for themselves. We also have friends who have orphanages, they really need our support as they have a huge responsibility.

I met Zartaish when I was in Pakistan in 2017, since then she has started 3 Sunday schools and a sewing center where she teaches single women to sew so that they can make their own money. She has distributed food in slums and to the children in Sunday schools.

Maria is a teacher at a Christian school in Pakistan, it costs money to go to school in Pakistan, so Maria teaches the children whose parents do not have money to send them to school, 3 evenings a week, so they also learn to read, count and receive teaching about Jesus. Maria has cooked for all the neighboring children during the corona shutdown.

Emmanuel is pastor in India and is our partner there. He has raised 3 people from death and has seen great miracles, which has led to great persecution. His bank accounts are under the supervision of the police, once their church building was toppled, so the roof and the top half of the wall lay on the ground. He has several times filled his small truck with rice and vegetables and driven it out into the slums and distributed food to Christians and Hindus.

Solomon in Nepal prepared food for some mountain evangelists/pastors and gave them a sack of rice to take home to the mountains so they could share with the congregation there.

It is just 4 stories, but we have sent help to more than 35 small ministries, no one is being paid for this work, we are all doing it to share the LOVE OF GOD.

In Denmark, we work with Rescue Teams so that there is order with payments, tax refund, etc.







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JESUS: All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth!

I Danmark fejre vi i dag Kristi Himmelfart. Det sted i biblen som taler om det er Matt 28: English below:

 Og Jesus kom hen og talte til dem og sagde: »Mig er givet al magt i himlen og på jorden. Gå derfor hen og gør alle folkeslagene til mine disciple, idet I døber dem i Faderens og Sønnens og Helligåndens navn, og idet I lærer dem at holde alt det, som jeg har befalet jer. Og se, jeg er med jer alle dage indtil verdens ende.«

"For et barn er født os, en søn er givet os, og herredømmet skal ligge på hans skuldre. Man skal kalde ham Underfuld Rådgiver, Vældig Gud, Evigheds Fader, Freds Fyrste."

”Mig (Jesus) er givet al magt i himlen og på jorden”, det som Adam mistede tog Jesus tilbage ved sit enorme offer Lang Fredag: pisk-tornekrone-korsdøden, Han holdt ikke noget tilbage, derfor har Han nu al magten/herredømmet tilbage. Gud havde givet magten til Adam, som tabte den magt til djævelen, men nu er den tilbage hos Jesus og os, der er i Ham. Jesus ikke kun rettede op på Adams fald, Han sikrede magten/herredømmet hos sig selv, så nu kan ingen tage den fra Ham. Det er da værd at have som grundvold i sit liv.

In Denmark today we celebrate the Ascension of Christ. The place in the Bible that speaks of that is Matthew 28:

 And Jesus came and spake unto them, sayingAll power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teachall nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of theHoly Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, loI am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

Isa iah 9,6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

"Unto Me (Jesus) is given all power/government in heaven and in earth", what Adam lost Jesus took back by his huge sacrifice Good Friday: whip-thorn crown-death, He did not hold back, therefore He has all power back. God had given the power to Adam, who lost that power to the devil, but now it is back with Jesus and us who are in Him. Jesus not only corrected Adam's fall, He secured the power/government to himself, so now no one can take it from Him. That is worth having as foundation for your life.

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Pinsestævne 2018

Prophecy/Profeti for 2018


English below:
Ord fra Helligånden 31.12.2017!
"Min Vækkelse vil sprede sig i 2018, nye bål af Min ild vil blive tændt. Byer vil få besøg af Min Herlighed. Lande vil komme i brand af Min Hellige ild, Min herlighed vil følge efter.
Min tid er startet, følg Mig og du har intet at frygte. Lad blot krigstrommerne larme, Jeg er med Mine udvalgte.
Vækkelsesånd bliver hældt udover Mine udvalgte steder, det vil føre til indhøstning af millioner af mennesker.
Åben jer for Min Ånd, gør landingsbanen lang og bred, så Jeg kan lande Mine transportfly i din lufthavn. Jeg kommer med Åndeligegaver, Jeg vil komme med jordiske velsignelser, Jeg kommer med frihed og genoprettelse.
Gør din landingsbane klar. "
Words from the Holy Spirit
"My revival will spread in 2018, new fire of My fire will be lit. Cities will be visit by My Glory. Countries will come on fire of My Holy Fire, My glory will follow.
My time has started, follow Me and you have nothing to fear. Just let the war droms make noice, I'm with My chosen ones.
I will poured My Spirit of Revival beyond My chosen places, it will lead to the Harvest of millions of people.
Open your heart, make the runway wide and long, so I can land My transport aircraft at your airport. I come with spiritual gifts, I will bring earthly blessings, I will bring freedom and restoration.
Make your runway ready."






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